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3 Best Tips for Tutoring - Tutoring with Felicia

While teaching others, whether it be in the workplace, as a teacher, or tutoring, it's important to do these three things for a comfortable, successful learning environment:

1. Adapt to your learner

Continuously work with your learner to be better and improve based on what works for them. Explain what you're teaching using words, pictures, examples, stories, etc. to engage your student. I like to use real life examples when I tutor given that students will think to themselves "how does this affect me" and not know when they would use what you're helping them with in real life.

2. Build Rapport

Be personable with your student and share your experience when you learned the material you're reviewing to show that you were once in their shoes. It doesn't take one night to learn everything, and you want to connect with your student in order to build trust. If they do not trust you, they will not listen to you. While tutoring, I share personal stories of my learning experiences, teachers/professors I have had, and any other personal stories that highlight my expertise in the subject.

3. ALWAYS Prepare

It may have been awhile since you learned what your student is coming to you for help on, and while you may be knowledgeable about subject, it's sometimes difficult to teach when you haven't recently brushed up on the material. Ask your student before you meet what they want to go over or what they may be having difficulty learning, and try learning it over again yourself prior to meeting just as a refresher and to better connect with your student. There are great resources online that I use, a simple search can get you pretty far!

Who you help while tutoring may not remember everything you help them learn, but you want them to leave the session feeling better than when they came in. Having a good and nimble attitude will help you and your student to be more successful than just spitting information at them. They come to you for your expertise, however will continue seeing you if the experience is something they have enjoyed as well. Good luck, and please reach out if you have any questions!

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