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3 Ways to Actively Learn Something New Every Day - Tutoring with Felicia

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

We have all heard the phrase "you learn something new every day," however this usually is in reaction to passive learning, or learning something you didn't really mean to. To help keep your brain sharp, and to potentially challenge yourself, active learning is key. It isn't something you need to spend a whole lot of time on either, and if learning something new every day isn't a possibility for you depending on what you have going on, you can change your goal to every week, or even every month. Learning doesn't have to be stressful (and really shouldn't be!) especially if it is something you are genuinely interested in.

1. Take online courses

If you're interested in learning a whole new skill or improving on something you already do, online courses are a great option. You can learn how to be a better coach, improve on public speaking, or brush up on some accounting knowledge! I recently joined LinkedIn Learning (which is a paid subscription, but some universities partner with this platform so it's good to look into that in case you get it for free), and have taken courses on being a more confident speaker as well as a few accounting courses to brush up on that. Coursera and TED Talks are also great online platforms where you can learn different skills and individual’s stories for inspiration.

2. Read articles

News sources are everywhere, and you don't need to spend much time to look for them because they basically jump out at you wherever you go online. If you're not interested in reading all the news out there and would like to only be up to date on the headlines or specific items, email subscriptions are a good place to start. Most companies love to keep you updated via email subscriptions, and there are specific ones out there that will fill you in on things from new technology in the industry to how you can better manage your mental health. There's something for everyone, ones you might be interested include: Seeking Alpha (if you're interested in stocks) and allrecipes (if you like to cook or bake!).

3. Expand on your self-growth

Feeding your brain is always important, but feeding your soul is equally as important. This is where self-reflection and self-growth learning happen. You can do this by carving time out of your day or week to listen to a podcast (my favorite is Jay Shetty’s On Purpose), or visit Mindvalley. I first heard of Mindvalley the other week and greatly appreciate what Vishen Lakhiani is setting out to do. Sharing his knowledge to create greater well-being and transformation is inspiring to me - and I hope if you check out mind valley and what he has done it does the same for you!

Please subscribe/reach out if you're liking my blogs, and if you or anyone you know needs a tutor for accounting related subjects, I'm taking in new students and would love to be of help. Keep learning!

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