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4 Ways to Supplement Online Learning

With the school year starting online, we're all asking the question on how we can make this work. I know the unknown can be scary at times, but there are always ways to prepare and to help guide yourself or your children through the online learning process. (Also, I am not getting paid or anything of the sorts to share this information with you. I just want to be able to help.)

1. Online courses through Khan Academy

If you haven't heard of Khan Academy yet, you should really check them out. They provide all types of courses from 1st Grade Math to College Statistics, and they even have some Life Skills topics for adults. Check out their website here – it’s free and they are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that you can always donate to if you're enjoy the courses they provide.

2. Math help through XtraMath

If you're looking for a tool that will specifically help your child with math, XtraMath is another great and free tool that you should check out (another non-profit, so again you can always donate if you're loving using this!). Some teachers may already use this for your child, so it's good to stay up to date with their learning and be there to help set up their account if so. For more details, visit this link and watch some of their videos to get started.

3. Play games through Fact Monster or Info Please

If you have any difficulty with getting your kid to pay attention to their online learning (and hey, they're kids, so this is expected), maybe playing learning games is what they need. Check out Fact Monster if you want to give you children a fun way to test their knowledge, and Info Please for some other random knowledge checks.

4. Paid for learning

Coursera and LinkedIn Learning (two platforms I have mentioned before in this blog: 3 Ways to Actively Learn Something New Every Day) are also great options that are mostly paid for, but you can find some good courses that are free. These platforms are mostly for adults, so if you're in university or an adult that is going back to school for a degree, you should check out these sites to see if they can help you. For the most part, these courses are able to highlight the material in a different way from how your current professor is teaching that could help understand what you’re learning.

If you have any questions in regards to online learning, I would love to help answer these. Check out my website for more information on me, and as always I hope you enjoyed this blog! Happy learning :)

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