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How to Get More Time in Your Day

Do you need some simple tricks to save time in your day and enjoy what you want to do? Read through the bullets below to get a few ideas on how to have more time to do things:

· Automatic pet feeder -If you have pets who you can’t trust with free feeding or you don’t have to feed a special diet, an automatic pet feeder is great. I use this one with my cats and it has really helped not only in saving time but also saving my sleep! The cats would always wake me up early in the morning when they were hungry, but with the automatic pet feeder they don’t wake me up any more and I can just wake up to my alarm now.

· Cold brew coffee For coffee drinkers, cold brew coffee is the way to go. I use this cold brew device once a week and I have coffee for the remainder of the week! You don’t have to spend any time in line at a coffee shop and it takes barely a minute to pour into a glass in the morning. It really is a pour and go coffee solution, less sugar than those you get when out, no fuss (you can brew it as long as you’d like), and can use ANY coffee. It’s also less acidic than your typically brewed coffee.

· Set timers/limits on apps Sometimes when you’re aimlessly scrolling on apps or playing games on your phone you don’t realize how much time you have spent, and this is where either a timer or setting a time limit through settings on your phone comes really handy. I will usually set a limit on apps of either one hour or 30 minutes for things like Instagram, and cut myself off after having spent that much time in one day on the app. Try it for yourself to see how much time throughout the day you spend on your phone, you might be surprised!

· Wake up earlier – If there are things you have been putting off in your life and want more time in your day to get them done, waking up earlier is a terrific way to get more time in the day. Whether you want to pick up an old hobby, workout, or listen to a podcast, you can use that time in the morning to either start your day earlier so that you can have more time later in the day to do this wanted thing, or wake up and start your day with what you want! Either way you do it, waking up earlier will help you with accomplishing more with your day since you have more time.

· Set goals/write it down – With the time you’re creating out of either automating things in your day or limiting the time you spend on other things, write down what you want to accomplish with this time. You can then have these goals to look at for inspiration throughout your days, and when you do whatever it is you have been wanting to do, you can cross it out and it will feel so rewarding! If you’re having trouble with finding something that is inspiring you, start small and work your way up. Everything is a practice through life and you’ll get there with due time if you stay consistent and aware of your progress.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this blog, please feel free to reach out! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep learning 😊

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