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Tech Tutoring Tips: Bring Your Tutoring Online - Tutoring with Felicia

As businesses and schools continue to work remote and have more of an online presence for the time being, it's important to recognize the best ways to be efficient and manage a work-from-home environment. For tutors, the same applies. Being an online tutor opens doors for additional flexibility and potential clients, and a good online tutor will reach even more people if they are successful. Please continue reading if you're curious on how to improve your home work space, and let me know if you have any questions!

1. Document Camera/Touch Screen

Depending on who you are tutoring, they might have paper materials they want to show you. In cases like this, you can also recommend a document camera to your student to be able to work seamlessly with them on their projects/homework - or better yet have them scan or take photos prior to your lesson so that you can have it in front of you as well. An example of a document camera can be found here, but if a document camera is not feasible, a touchscreen is also a great and interactive way to engage with your student. Most laptops these days have the option for touchscreen, and with sharing screens, you can draw on your touchscreen with either your finger or a stylus to be able to illustrate what you’re explaining.

2. Microphone or Headphones

The microphones that are built into our computers are not always the best, and we don't always know where they are (are they next to the camera, on the left of the keyboard, on the right?). Adding a USB attached microphone to your laptop or computer, or wearing headphones with an attached microphone, will really amplify your voice to ensure your student can hear you clearly. For a USB microphone, you really don't need to spend a lot of money to be able to get something of good quality, but it is always good to do research for what you're looking for. Here's a good example of a cheaper one that is also easy to use: USB Recording Microphone.

3. Laptop Stand

I am a big fan of laptop stands, not only for using in terms of video chatting/tutoring but also for using all the time. A good laptop stand will help you with neck strain and back pain since it changes your view from staring down at your computer to being at eye level – it’s a real game changer! Your video chat experience also improves since your camera is higher, and you won't have people looking up your nose as much! I have been using this Laptop Stand, and I like the different levels that you can place it at. It's also comfortable to type on when at the middle angle point in case you’re wondering if you will also need to invest in an external keyboard.

4. External Monitor/Tablet

Two is better than one in this case! Having two screens to be able to toggle between what you're looking at with your student and either taking notes or to search the web for examples of what you're reviewing is super helpful. It also gives you more room to be able to look at things with your student when you are using one screen to share material. If you are looking for a solid, budget friendly monitor, a good place to start are local ads on apps such as letgo or OfferUp, but always make sure to keep your information safe while using these apps and do your due diligence before buying anything.

If you have any questions please reach out! I'd love to hear from you and I hope you found this blog helpful. My email is if you ever want to get in touch.

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