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Things To Do This Weekend For Rejuvenation

While it may be one of the strangest 4th of July weekends we will have with lack of fireworks, stay at home orders, and all things impacted by coronavirus, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for yourself to feel well-rested and ready to tackle anything after the long weekend. Here are some of my self-care tips and tricks that you can start today:


You know you should do it, so why not just DO IT! Go to bed earlier tonight (you really don’t need to scroll through Instagram or Reddit or Facebook… again), because sleep is insanely important. I don’t need to tell you why it is because I’m sure you have heard it all before, but you may need help with getting into bed a little earlier. What I always do is disconnect at least 30 minutes to an hour before I am trying to sleep. This means I won’t text, go on my computer, or do anything that is stimulating. I might clean something up, play with my cats, or watch TV on the TV (not on your phone or computer since it’s a lot closer and we’ve all heard of blue lights messing up with our ability to sleep). I also always stretch before bed and read (the amount of time I do both varies each night), but by having this routine I am able to switch between being awake and it being time for bed. Basically a bed time routine, just like a morning routine, is a must for me – so try it out this weekend and it might just help you too with getting to bed earlier!

2. Do something you love or that you have been wanting to do

Have you been meaning to try out that workout you saw on YouTube a few weeks back? Or have

you been missing an old hobby? Do it this weekend! Maybe even video chat with a friend and you can do it virtually together. I love baking and sharing my baked goods with my friends and family, so that’s something I have lined up. Doing what you love ignites the passion you may be missing during these times, and it helps you reconnect with what you value or find interesting. It’s also good to change things up, it keeps our brains and bodies guessing what is next.

3. Reflect

It may seem like this year has been on pause, but the reality is that we are past the half way mark for 2020 (that was fast!). Take some time this weekend to think about all that you have done, whether it be something tangible or not. And why not write them down! Try writing down the things you have done that really make you feel good – it can include anything from being a better friend to starting a new job. Anything that helps you with what you have accomplished, because you should feel good about your accomplishments! This can also help set up for the next half of the year. Remind yourself of all that you are capable of doing 😊

I hope these ideas help you this weekend with feeling more relaxed and ready for whatever you have after this weekend!

As always, if you know anyone looking for a tutor in accounting subjects, please reach out because I am more than happy to help.


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