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I've been told by my friends recently that it seems I have more time in a day than the average person, so I just wanted to share some simple things you can do with 5 minutes - and you can start any of these today! If you ever find yourself getting easily distracted, needing a quick break, or just feeling like trying something new, read on to find out what you can do with just 5 minutes. Also feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or if you're in need of a tutor you can definitely fill out a contact form on my website in less than 5 minutes!


Meditating for just 5 minutes (or if you need to you can do even less and always build up!) is helpful when you're feeling overwhelmed by the world around you and feel like you need to reconnect with yourself. Being connected with yourself is important on so many levels, because when you feel connected you can make better decisions, and meditating will lessen any anxiety you might have. If you need any more reasons to start meditating, here’s a link to 6 more: Why is meditation important? Also visit the You-Tube link below for a popular 5 minute meditation option:

5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere


If you have trouble sitting still for meditating (I'm definitely still working on that!), yoga or stretching is a great 5 minute activity. Start with some cat-cow, bringing movement into your back and matching your breathe with your movement (sometimes I even do this while sitting). Move into child's pose to stretch out your hips and shoulders, then maybe make your way into upward dog and downward dog. Whatever feels good in the moment for your body! I always feel more energized and (of course) less stiff than before I practiced yoga. If you need any help with basic poses, I found this great blog that breaks down simple poses: THE 18 BEST YOGA POSES FOR BEGINNERS.

Read an article

Are you up to date with the current news or ever wondered how many ways there are to make bread (a popular for quarantine times)? Well set aside 5 minutes and hit your favorite news source, or find an article for a new recipe and write down the ingredients you may need for the next time you hit the store. You can get lost in this one, so a timer might help for being able to spend only those 5 minutes (you're always free to do more, whatever your goals is!).


Have you been putting off cleaning up your closet, or cleaning out that one drawer (we all have that one drawer)? Set a timer for just 5 minutes and START cleaning it. If you don't finish cleaning it by the end of that 5 minutes, that's okay! But maybe you'll get the feeling to continue cleaning past that 5 minutes and clean the whole thing, you never know until you start and at least try. Either way, be happy for yourself for at least doing part of it - a little is better than none!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and please feel free to share with friends. If you try any of these, I'd love to know! My email is -- have a wonderful week!

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